‘Flip’-ing over Crayons & Lines!

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Today the Co-op kids learned proper crayon grip using our special ‘flip’ crayons from the Handwriting Without Tears curriculum.

First we taught the children the song, Pick Up a Crayon, a fun song that explains the proper grip; it goes like this:

Pick up a crayon,

Pick up a crayon,

This is easy to do.

Pick up a crayon,

Pick up a crayon,

I just tell my fingers what to do.

My thumb is bent,

Pointer points to the tip, tall man uses his side,

I tuck my other fingers in and take them for a ride.

After we learned the song, we practiced using the proper grip to draw lines on our paper with our special flip crayons….then we flipped the crayons and drew another line,  flip, re-grip, draw, flip, re-grip draw….and so on, creating a pattern of lines across the page while we practiced the grip technique. Handwriting is mostly muscle memory, so it is important to learn proper grip early.



We also made lined pictures at the art table and built designs with the little line and big line wood pieces, also from our Handwriting Without Tears materials.


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