You might hear us talk about ‘big body play’, but do you know what it is?

In this article by Francis Carlson she says…

Big body play is the very physical, vigorous, boisterous, and sometimes bone-jarring play style many children love and crave. 

Five things you should know about big body play

  1. Big body play looks like fighting, but it isn’t fighting.
  2. Big body play is rowdy, physical, and usually loud. It rarely turns into real fighting.
  3. Big body play is a vital component of children’s growth and development. Children all over the world play this way.
  4. Big body play gives children sustained moderate-to-vigorous physical exercise. With our current obesity epidemic such a growing concern, it can help children stay fit and healthy.
  5. The quickest way to distinguish big body play from real fighting is by looking at the expressions on children’s faces. Their big smiles let us know the play is okay. 

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At the Co-op we encourage safe big body play, teaching the children when it is appropriate and how to know when another child does not like the play…and how to communicate if the play is too rough.