What is Early Literacy and how do we teach it?

Current research says they are 5 components to early literacy that a child needs to be ready to read. Here is a brief chart describing the components and a few of the ways we teach them.

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Literacy Component:

What it means:

Some of the ways we teach this component:

Print Awareness Awareness of the printed word in books and in the environment. We use our Word Wall and One Word program; we explore books, noticing titles, authors and illustrators, and the direction of the print. We write charts and stories, we encourage the children to write and draw; we write for the children as they dictate to us.
Background Knowledge

Develop a love of books; make reading positive and enjoyable; describe things and events, tell stories.

We talk, share ideas, wonder and explore; we read books on many topics; we act out stories; we think out loud; we encourage problem solving; we play!
Vocabulary Name things in the environment. We label our classroom, connecting the written word with the spoken word; we read, and read, and read some more; we sing songs, tell stories and share experiences that build on vocabulary skills.
Letter Knowledge Learn to name letters, recognize that letters have sounds. We sing ABC songs, read ABC books, use our Word Wall, play with magnets, do ABC puzzles, explore the letters in our names, and notice letters every day in many ways.
Phonological Awareness The ability to hear and play with the smaller sounds in words. We sing songs, read poems, make up rhymes and play with words and sounds; we are silly!