At Middletown Cooperative Preschool, parents play an active role in the early education of their children by managing the school and participating in the classroom under the direction of our Head Teacher.

Being in a Co-Op Means:
  • working in your child’s classroom (approximately once every six weeks, depending on the size of the class);
  • attending the monthly parent meeting;
  • serving on a school committee (board positions, fundraiser, hospitality, etc.);
  • participating in fundraising; and,
  • building lifelong friendships for you and your child.
When you take part in a cooperative preschool you:
  • are directly involved with your child’s early education;
  • interact with a community of other parents who share your commitment to learning;
  • have the opportunity to observe and interact with your child, his or her peers and the teachers during the school day;
  • work with our experienced staff, making it possible for you to learn alongside your child;
  • experience your child’s growth first hand, enjoying the preschool experience as much as they do